Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Scandal…I'm Hooked!!!

I am a late comer to the series Scandal on ABC.  If I’m honest, I saw a few episodes last season and a few this season, but the last two episodes have me hooked!  It’s just a show, and it is fiction, but it really makes you think about life and how unpredictable it can be.  Have you ever wondered about the road not taken?  Or have you ever gone down a road and find yourself in such unfamiliar territory that you can’t find solid ground?  Why is it that we find ourselves secretly (or not so secretly) cheering for Fitz and Olivia…aren’t they cheating?

Two weeks ago, the story explored how Olivia and Fitz began both their professional and intimate relationship.  The writer and actors did such an amazing job at portraying how neither of them (Fitz or Olivia) were looking for this affair, but that they were powerless to the immediate connection that took place deep within them.  Even down to how their hands touched for the first time…you could feel the energy between them.  As a writer, I yearn to be able to evoke that type of emotion from my characters and my readers.  As a reader, it makes you wonder if a spiritual, mind, body, and soul connection like that is possible with another human being.  A connection that takes you away from everything in your soul that you believe to be “right” and “wrong”.  A connection that even when you try to shut it off haunts you in your thoughts and heart.  Isn’t that connection and wonder what keeps us all hooked week after week?  Olivia Pope is challenged with not only the connection she has with the President of the USA, but with “fixing” political situations to protect the “pretty picture” that is the USA. 
Last week’s episode dove deep into how all this “fixing” has taken a toll on Olivia’s psyche.  It has revealed some of the “wrong” things she has done for the better good, and how the rationale for doing those things are not sitting right with her.   On the other hand, Fitz is feeling like he’s been given another chance at life, and he wants to live it without the films of “supposed to’s” and “obligation”.  He’s being a bit reckless, because as the President of the United States, there are certain liberties you give up for the better good of the “picture”.  Fitz’s near death experience has brought him to a turning point; for him the better good is a life fulfilled, rather than a life that doesn’t live up to what the picture portrays to the general public…Hmmm, how will he deal with this burning desire to be true to himself…to his heart…to Olivia???    

So what will this week bring?  Will Olivia accept the marriage proposal and settle on a normal traditional life with Edison, or will she gamble on a life with her soul mate; the married president of the United States?  Will Olivia’s skeletons of her past continue to haunt her?  Will the truths that are revealed destroy everyone’s lives?  And…who shot the president in the first place? 
Of course this story is sensationalized, but it does replicate life in the fact that life as you know it can change in an instant.  Obligations and commitments are sometimes more powerful than the pull of uncontrollable connections.  Death can be seconds away; either your own life or a loved one can be taken, and then everything changes.  Your personal happiness is sometimes secondary to the greater good of your family (or in Scandal-the USA).  Your moral gauge can be challenged by incidents beyond your control, and outside of the “life manual”, and you have to decide how to live in peace…

Scandal is well written and has incredible actors portraying these very complex characters and situations…stay tuned…I sure will…

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  1. Yes I do enjoy scandal. The original draw for me was the politics and Olivia's role as the "fixer". The way she and her team navigate the thin line of legal vs. illegal, moral vs. immoral, and just plain right vs. wrong is exciting, interesting, whimsical, and honestly a learning experience.
    Ms Shonda Rhimes is an amazing writer, the story line, plot, dialogue, is wonderful. But Lish I have to agree, you can write a script all day long, but the actors have to bring it! How many times have we seen a great movie/show, well written but the actors were not believable? This team, and they are a team delivers and brings the story right up front and personal each week and I love it.

    But lets get to the deeper subject/area of this story; Marriage, relationships, cheating, morality, oh and the actions by the Leader of the free world, aka Mr. President. First, I want to be clear that I believe in the sanctity of marriage and it is possible to make a vow and follow through "forever" I also believe in honor and duty. I think the connection that Olivia and Fitz have is something that may not be felt in a lifetime, Its electric, real, mind blowing and just "wow". Yes they are "cheating" in so many ways, he is married, and he is her employer, its wrong as a Christian. But what does one do? What is important, the right choice, the moral decision?
    In many of Oprah's interviews she asks a question that I love "what do you know to be true?" And I speak from my 50+ years, and being on the receiving end of hurt and deception, again for me its HONESTY. It may not be the most popular, totally moral, or the right decision but for me it is the necessary thing. What does forever really mean, oh, till death do you part? Well Fitz went there. Maybe forever is as long as we both shall love each other. With regard to honor and duty to county I think the office and/or uniform should be respected and honored but again Fitz is human. doesn't he have a right to a fulfilling life? For me its truth, sacrifice is not always the answer!
    Well i went a long way to say that life is short, we should live to our fullest and if we find true love and joy, then honesty first, be true to yourself and all affected and then you can operate from there, You should not operate behind secret rendezvous, and stolen moments here and there. Truth and honesty will always be granted with mercy! Then you can truly begin to be happy!

  2. Good words...luv the show...