Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Season of Waiting...

It seems most blessings come after you have had to wait a substantial amount of time to receive them. Most of us are impatient, and waiting is very difficult. So much so, that we sometimes sabotage our outcomes from acting too hastily. I find myself in a season which requires me to be still and wait. I know that this test is from God, but nonetheless, I am anxious to find out what is next for me in almost every area of my life. Throughout each day, as thoughts of doubt and worry enter my mind, I consistently have to replace those feelings with the faith that good things are to come and that God works things out for me…He always has.

Whether it be a turbulent relationship, a career change or choice, or whether you are looking to start a family; finding the balance between doing everything in your power and waiting for God to reveal his plan can be   challenging and not always clear. In the case of a relationship whether it be romantic or platonic in nature, before making changes we always ask ourselves did we do enough to repair the situation. Sometimes we act on emotion and retreat before God has had a chance to work a miracle. Other times we remain stagnant, even after God has given us a million signs that it is time to make some changes.

When changing or growing in your career or business, you can do all that is in your power, but much of it is in God’s hands and time. For example, you can do everything that is expected of you at work and even attempt to go above and beyond, but until an opportunity for growth is available you have to wait. If you are trying to change careers, you can get training, update and submit your resume, and even have personal references, but until the timing is right, you have to wait. In this case, maybe the blessing is so huge you haven’t even been able to conceive of it in your mind. In that case, God knows that you are not ready, and maybe the blessing will be birthed in your “waiting zone”.

When planning to have a family, the decision usually takes much thought and preparation. Once you’ve made the decision you have to wait for conception to happen. For some, it is instantaneous or even unexpected. For others the process is long and grueling, but the blessings that come are all part of the process. Sometimes we wait for that awesome moment, and within months it is taken away through miscarriage. Other times, it just seems that being a parent is just not something God will bless you with. Or maybe it is the blessings of medical technology or adoption that will bring you your hearts desire…Whatever the situation…waiting is involved. Even once pregnancy or adoption is given, you have to go through a process in order to receive your blessing. It is in that process that so much is formed both inside and outside of the body.

During pregnancy, the waiting period is where vital organs and systems are formed and little toes/ fingers are given time to grow. During that same waiting period, you are given the time you need to reorganize your life for the change that is about to happen, and if any part of the development is compromised, complications could occur. The same is the case for adoption. The process can be lengthy and difficult, but packed with great learning opportunities along the way that will prepare you for the complicated journey of parenthood that is to follow.

Whatever the situation, no matter how big or small, the season of waiting, though absolutely necessary, can seem never-ending. It is at this time that we must seek God’s presence and guidance in everything. God has a plan for our life and sometimes that plan is much different than the plan we have for ourselves. We absolutely have to be proactive with the desires of our heart, but when you have done all you can possibly do, you have to raise your arms, have faith, be still, and listen to God’s word. It is when we sincerely let go, let God, and embrace the "waiting" process, that our greatest blessings will come.

I have experienced and believe these words in the core of my being, but nonetheless, I often find myself in a season of waiting, and it continues to be an uncomfortable and challenging place for me. Maybe, though I speak the words, it is a test I have not yet passed. We all have a tendency to listen to the voice that says our dreams are unattainable or undiscoverable, and we sometimes let our mind sabatoge us from attaining our greatest states of being.  We have to actively quiet those voices and replace them with the knowledge that it will all work out in God's time...and yes this may very well mean that waiting is involved.

Please share your “waiting story”…we all have one, or two, or three.

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  1. Anonymous11 May, 2010

    Someone sent me your site months ago, and as I cleaned out my email today I came across your blog address. I decided to come and take a look and to my surprise I was blessed beyound belief. I think I read 4 entires. I would have read more if I haven't had a meeting. Thank you for sharing your story and helping me realize I need to deal with "my stuff"!

    Grateful Reader